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    About adamlabs

    Our purpose is to make organizations better. We have a portfolio of companies that we work with, providing funding for their growth, building leadership and strong business practices, and facilitating innovation and change. We are currently focused on several tech startups as well as helping larger organizations deal with the staggering growth of data, often referred to as Big Data. We do this all through a combination of innovation leadership, understanding the customer, and team participation. We are entrepreneurs driven by customer service, our customers and yours.

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Blogs on Leadership

Blogs on Innovation


We all meet fascinating people throughout our lives and their stories are entertaining, inspiring, sobering, motivating, and much more. In fact, every single person has a great story to tell. As I try to understand things like leadership, parenting, success, and failure, I have found that listening to people provides immense perspective on all aspects of leadership. That is why I call this section "Perspectives". My goals with these interviews are to listen, understand, report, and share the visions, thoughts, opinions, and musings of people who can help us understand leadership and success. Furthermore, these people's experiences are accessible, they are not 'super-human' but in fact very human. I will leave it up to each reader to take what they can from these conversations because we can learn from every single person we listen to.


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